What Members Have to Say

Information is imperative!
– Cheryl Myers

I’m a member to educate Anchorage about the rest of the world.
– Philip Todd

To keep learning: to share opportunities to learn with others
– Susan Kalina

I joined Alaska World Affairs Council because I enjoy current events and meeting like-minded people.
– Robert Artwohl

Alaska World Affairs Council was the first local organization I joined after coming up here in 2001. Not only was the opportunity to hear excellent programs exciting, but I quickly connected with a fascinating group of people.
– Paul Dunscomb

I joined to keep informed about the world, hear different opinions, have the opportunity to influence those who might be invited to speak.
– Tim Thomas

The Alaska World Affairs Council helps our youth keep abreast of global issues. These programs help to instill in our youth the importance of being a life-long learner. I love the excitement and enthusiasm at the luncheons as the community gets engaged.
– Pamela Orme

The Alaska World Affairs Council program meetings are a splendid opportunity to meet people who are doing business and are interested in global affairs. Hearing world-class speakers and making world-class friends – what’s not to love about that?
– Ann Lovejoy

Our goal of bringing the world to Alaska describes my feeling about the council. My pleasure in the council is hearing speakers, experts in their fields, describe the world around us.
– Phyllis Smith

I joined the Alaska World Affairs Council to get involved with the community and politics, also to learn as much as I can from all of the older members in doing things and getting involved. It will help my career in the future. I am intrigued by the topics that are offered.
– Maria Wills

I joined the Alaska World Affairs Council because our world “neighborhood” is getting smaller and I want to learn more about and understand better my “neighbors.”
– Chuck Coulson

Having the opportunity to travel and be stationed  in different countries you realize that although we have different customs and traditions, that at the basic level we are really the same; we all desire what’s best for our family and safety. Joining the Alaska World Affairs Council, I can support the process to bring to Alaska different views of the world and expand that knowledge of Alaskans.
– Randy Banez

Upon retirement from the oil industry in 1995, my wife and I wanted to travel. What better way to learn about the world and Alaska in particular than to join the Alaska World Affairs Council?
– Bob Iden

My world expands from attending programs as my day-to-day world doesn’t normally expose me to the diversity of subjects, thoughts, and viewpoints presented at the programs.
– Gary Dixon

I really like people and want to meet and learn from as many different people as possible. AWAC gives me a chance to meet people with incredible stories and experiences that I can learn from.
– Turner Vail