Give a Gift with AKWorld

Not sure what to get a loved one this holiday season? 

Gift them an Alaska World Affairs  membership- starting at $25!.

Also consider donating to the education of Alaskan students in their honor. 

Coordinate with our office to send them a certificate just in time for the holiday season. Questions? Email

 This holiday season, Alaska World Affairs Council is giving back to students. Choose to send a student to Academic Student WorldQuest, Speed Mentoring, or a speaker program this year.          


For as little as $25, give the Gift of Knowledge to a loved one in the form of an Alaska World Affairs Council Membership. 


  • Gold Level ($500+)
  • Silver Level ($150)
  • Bronze Level ($75)
  • Next Level Gen ($25+ recipient must be 40 years old or younger)
  • Student Level (Free-Recipient must be currently enrolled in school or college)