Academic Student WorldQuest

Academic WorldQuest, the World Affairs Councils of America’s flagship youth education program, is a fun, fast-paced team competition for high school students. Academic WorldQuest tests players’ knowledge of current international politics, geography, global economics, history, and world cultures. Each year, over 50 World Affairs Councils across the country hold local Academic WorldQuest competitions for high school students in their communities. Since 2003, winning teams have traveled to Washington, DC every April to vie for the national championship.

2020 WorldQuest Event Details

Why WorldQuest?

2018 Alaska Academic WorldQuest Winning Team from West High School (A two-time winning team, they also won in 2016!)

Preparing the next generation of leaders, scholars, and decision-makers to thrive in a rapidly changing world—where our national interests are intertwined with the global community—is one of the greatest challenges facing our country. It requires a renewed enthusiasm for global studies in our high schools. Too many American students today fall behind their counterparts from other countries in their knowledge and understanding of world history, geography, and current international events.

The mission of Academic WorldQuest is to close the gap.


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