World Wiz Pub Quiz

WorldWiz Pub Quiz is an annual trivia night fundraiser for the Alaska World Affairs Council and the Academic Student WorldQuest Competition featuring fun globally-themed trivia, drinks, raffles, prizes, and great times with friends! The Pub Quiz features five rounds of globally themed trivia on topics such as current events, “Ancient 20th Century Technology”, global landmarks, “Are you Smarter than a High Schooler” and more.

WorldWiz Quiz Master – Paul Dunscomb, PhD

Paul Dunscomb is Professor of East Asian History and chair of the History Department at the University of Alaska Anchorage and generously gives his time and knowledge to create WorldWiz questions and emcee the event. His nerd super power is, he can articulate stuff. He can take a room full of half baked, half expressed thoughts and turn them into ideas with force and power.

Interested in becoming a featured sponsor for the 2022 WorldWiz event? Please contact Operations Director, Siobhan Choi at (907) 351-6627 or