Bev Power Memorial Programs

The Beverly Power Memorial Program was established in 1991 and features a world class speaker on a yearly basis. Bev Power, Mrs. James Power, was a long-time leader in the Alaska World Affairs Council, donating untold hours and serving as President in 1968. Bev had a knack for inspiring others to promote and benefit the Council. One of her goals was to bring well known speakers to Alaska to address the Council and general public. Upon her death, a significant donation was bequeathed to the Alaska World Affairs Council Endowment Fund to meet this goal. Each year, we recognize her and her contribution through the designated Bev Power’s Memorial Program. This year’s Bev Power’s Memorial Program will be speaker Ambassador Steven Pifer on US-Ukraine relations on Friday, March 30th, 2018.

Brian Davies Memorial Award

The Brian Davies Memorial Award was established in 2012 with sponsors sending the winning student team from Alaska’s Academic WorldQuest Competition to the national competition in Washington, D.C. each April. Brian Davies was passionate about the Alaska World Affairs Council WorldQuest competition and led the coordination of the competition for many years. Brian was wonderful at inspiring students to share his enthusiasm for world affairs and encouraging individuals and companies to support the students. The 2017 winning team is from Dimond High School.

In Memory of the following supporters, donations have been given to the Alaska World Affairs Council:

Elaine Atwood, 2001
William Barnes, 2001
Helen Butcher, 2005
Milton Byrd, 2014
Brian Davies, 2012
Don Doyle, 2012
Pat Fleetwood, 2011
Cheryll Heinze, 2012
La Rue Hellenthal, 2008
James Parsons, 2004
Ken Taylor, BG, USAF (Ret), 2006
Maxine Reed, 2009
Floyd Smith, 2006
Alden Todd, 2006
June Faulkner White, 2015
Chuck Becker, 2015